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Fix loose dental bridge at home

How to fix a loose dental bridge at home?

Loose Bridge Alert! Don’t DIY

A wobbly dental bridge can be unsettling, but resist the urge for at-home fixes! DIY methods can damage the bridge or surrounding teeth. A dentist offers the best solution. They’ll diagnose the cause, whether it’s loose cement or decay, and provide a lasting repair for a healthy smile. Schedule an appointment to keep your bridge secure!

microrotations teeth

Microrotations: The Key to Achieving a Naturally Straight Smile

Want a straighter smile but dislike braces? Microrotations might be the answer! This technique uses clear aligners or invisible braces for gentle adjustments to slightly crooked teeth, small gaps, or uneven smiles. Faster and more comfortable than traditional braces (for minor cases), it’s a discreet way to achieve your dream smile.

Rotated teeth: Treatment options and Cost guide

Rotated Teeth: Treatment Options & Cost Guide

Have a tooth that seems to be dancing to its own beat? It might be rotated! Genetics, baby teeth issues, or habits can cause these. While not a major health risk, rotated teeth can affect your smile and bite. This article will cover everything about rotated teeth, treatment options for rotated teeth and cost guide.

Gaps after braces

gaps after braces: why and what to do

Noticed gaps after braces? You’re not alone! This guide explores why gaps happen after braces, including natural movement and retainer considerations. Discover treatment options for a perfect, gap-free smile you deserve.

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