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Tooth Pain Under Crown Comes And Goes- Common Causes

Dental bridge

Dental bridge is a very popular and common procedure but sometimes, it also has problems. It is possible that you may experience on and off pain in teeth under your crown or bridge. There can be various reasons that can cause tooth pain including

1. Tooth decay

Teeth underneath the bridge or Crown are more susceptible to decay near its margins. Ill-fitting crowns or bridges are loose at margins that can lead to food lodgement at that area which further proceeds to tooth decay.

If the decay progresses to the nerves, infection can also be there and you may need RCT of the involved teeth

2. Dental Bridge or Crown procedure pain

Dental Bridge procedure is not painful at all. If your teeth are not RCT treated, in that case your dentist will anesthetise your teeth with local anaesthesia before doing the tooth cutting.
Immediately, after cutting impressions are made and temporary restorations will be given to you by your dentist.
After wearing off the effect of local anaesthesia, you feel slight pain or sensitivity to hot or cold but that will subside by itself or you can have over the counter pain medication to feel better.
But in case you feel severe pain you should contact your dentist immediately.
If your teeth to be used for bridge are RCT treated then you are not going to feel any pain and no need of even local anaesthesia.

3. Sore gums

Sometimes, gums get traumatized during tooth cutting that can cause pain after wearing off the effect of local anesthesia.

Also, if the margins of crown or bridge are extended to the gums it can also cause soreness and swelling in gums after placing the crown/bridge. This pain should subside in 1 to 2 weeks if it does not and you experience persistent pain you should consult your dentist.

4. Improper fit

If the ground is not fitted properly and have space around the margins of restoration it will invite the bacterias and can easily lead to tooth decay, sensitivity and pain

5. Fractured teeth under crown/ bridge

It is very uncommon but can be possible that the teeth underneath the restoration are fractured. RCT treated teeth generally are more susceptible to fracture on pressure.