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Temporary Dental Bridge Front Teeth

The word temporary means established for the time being, until a permanent arrangement can be made. When tooth preparation/ cutting is done for bridge formation, a temporary bridge/ crown is made over the teeth to be used until the fabrication of the final bridge/ prosthesis. A temporary bridge/ crown usually does not last for more than 6-8 weeks.

In this modern world, people are much more conscious about their looks and most importantly smile. There can be various reasons in which you might need a dental bridge for front teeth. Usually replacing front teeth with a bridge is mainly for restorative purposes but nowadays patients also request dental bridges for cosmetic purposes.
Reasons for replacing front teeth with a bridge-

  • As front teeth are inclined anteriorly and prominent part of our face, so any fall or any injury can easily cause any crack or severe damage to front teeth and can also lead to their removal.
  • Due to fluorosis or any chewing habits, teeth may have discoloration. To hide the discoloration dental bridge is a good choice.
  • When teeth are malaligned or have improper shape and size dental bridges provide a fast and easy treatment option
  • Also, if there is gapping in between front teeth or any tooth is congenitally missing, then bridge is a good option to replace the missing teeth.

If any of the front tooth is removed/ missing, it affects the patient’s esthetics and speech and can influence their social life. In this case, your doctor can decide either for an implant supported bridge or tooth supported bridge. All these procedures, their treatment planning takes time, so to prevent any type of discomfort and social embarrassment, temporary bridges are the best treatment option till the final restoration is not ready.

disadvantages of Temporary bridge

A temporary bridge lacks the strength and dependability of a permanent one. It will be more prone to chipping or shattering because it cannot withstand the same power. Additionally, you should exercise caution when chewing on hard foods with the bridge since this may lead to breakage or injury.

Temporary bridges are less stain-resistant than porcelain, thus over time, stains may cause them to appear darker or yellower. Furthermore, even if they are made to suit your mouth comfortably, they might not be as snug or comfy as permanent bridges. Front tooth temporary bridges are only intended to be used temporarily; they should not last longer than a few months.


While you wait for a permanent bridge, a temporary dental bridge can serve as a temporary prosthesis to replace missing teeth, particularly front teeth. It shields exposed teeth, keeps teeth from moving, and enhances the appearance of your smile. But it’s crucial to maintain the bridge and use caution when eating. To ensure that you receive the permanent bridge as soon as possible, make sure you adhere to all of your dentist’s recommendations and schedule routine follow-up appointments. A temporary bridge can be used while the permanent one is finished with the right upkeep.